24.04.2012   Mobile saunas get together in Cape Kolka, June 2-3, 2012

We welcome you to enjoy various mobile saunas and hot-tubs at the very Cape Kolka, while watching the twinkle of Kolka lighthouse, ships passing by, stars in the summer sky, and the beautiful landscape!

02.12.2011   Eco-lighting installed at Cape Kolka

Four experimental eco-lighting lanterns have been set up at Cape Kolka in Latvia.

17.08.2011   Coastal processes at Cape Kolka

Aerophoto images of coastal processes at Cape Kolka from years 2000, 2004, 2010, 2011.

24.07.2011   Flower Boats and the White Crow

Beautiful flower boats erected in Kolka village and a white crow spotted.

13.04.2011   Amazing videos with wild animals in their natural habitat

See how wolfs, ravens, white tailed eagle and fox with hurt arm behave at the prey!

22.03.2011   Bird watching at Cape Kolka on 23rd & 24th of April

Did you know, that Cape Kolka near Kolka village in Nothern Courland is one of the best places for bird watching in Latvia?

25.02.2011   Fata Morgana and lights from icebound ships in the Baltic Sea

Local kids here say - let's go and see the little town in the sea!

10.02.2011   The beauty of the sea is miraculous these days!

We welcome you to come and enjoy it all here!

01.03.2010   Ice piles - spring witnesses

The first ice piles at the Cape Kolka this year ...

24.01.2010   The New Year came to Cape Kolka with...

... rime ...